Extraordinary Restoration

2011 Winner of the Chicago Architecture Foundation "Patron of the Year" award.

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Currently restoring Frank Lloyd Wright's Emil Bach House on Sheridan Road in Rogers Park

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Neighborhood Investments

Act One \ Mayne Stage is gaining in revenue and a city wide reputation as the place to be.

The Venue    The Restaurant

Updated residential and commercial space in Rogers Park.

Farcroft By The Lake     RPVM

Pritzker Military Museum and Library

Taps on the Walls: Poems from the Hanoi Hilton Book Release Event
And special panel discussion Citizen Soldier: The Prisoner of War Experience.

Three former prisoners of war discuss their experiences in three different American conflicts...

News and Events

Our Newest Bed & Breakfast is now open!
Lincoln Way Inn - Franklin Grove, IL

Rogers Park’s newest parking garage is now open!
7331 N. Sheridan Rd. - Daily & monthly spots available.

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New Developments

Farcroft Building

Farcroft Park also known as, Farcroft By The Lake , just steps from the lakefront in Rogers Park, has been completely renovated and will once again regain its prominence as a true Chicago treasure.

Standing thirteen stories proud, this project has dedicated itself to restoring the splendors of antiquity as they were originally constructed in 1928, while also showcasing all the modern features and amenities of today.

Farcroft By The Lake will feature stunning views both to the north and the south, as well as picturesque views overlooking Lake Michigan.

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