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  1. Retired Lt. Col. Jennifer Pritzker Receives Award for Excellence in Architectural Stewardship from the Society of Architectural Historians
    Press Release
    Retired Lt. Col. Jennifer N. Pritzker was honored tonight with the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) Award for Architectural Excellence at the 8th Annual Awards Gala at The Racquet Club of Chicago.
  2. Meet Our Donors: Jennifer N. Pritzker
    Landmarks Illinois
    Retired Lt. Col. Jennifer N. Pritzker is president and CEO of TAWANI Enterprises, Inc., founder and chair of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, president and founder of the TAWANI Foundation and president and founder of the Pritzker Military Foundation.
  3. Society of Architectural Historians to Present Architecture Awards in Chicago
    Chicago Architect
    The Society of Architectural Historians will present the SAH Awards for Architectural Excellence to retired Lt. Col. Jennifer N. Pritzker, founder and president of the TAWANI Foundation...
  4. TAWANI Foundation Donates $150,000 for Preservation of Glessner House Museum
    Press Release
    TAWANI Foundation Collaborates with the Alphawood Foundation and Driehaus Foundation to Preserve One of America’s Most Architecturally Important 19th-Centry Residences
  5. Jennifer Pritzker offers to advise Trump
    Shia Kapos
    Jennifer Pritzker volunteers her expertise as a “retired U.S. Army colonel, longtime Republican and transgender woman” to help President Donald Trump understand how transgender individuals benefit the U.S. military.
  6. TAWANI Foundation Donates $1 Million Gift and $1 Million Challenge Grant to Restore Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple
    Oak Leaves
    TAWANI Foundation has made a $1 million major gift and a $1 million challenge grant to support the $25 million comprehensive restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park.
  7. Colonel Jennifer Pritzker Disputes Trump’s Claims About Transgender Military Personnel
    Chicago Magazine
    Billionaire and CEO of Tawani Enterprises Colonel Jennifer Pritzker denounced Thursday the president’s decision to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military.
  8. Statement from Col. Jennifer Pritzker in Response to President Trump about the transgender community serving in the armed forces
    Press Release
    As a retired U.S. Army officer, United States citizen, business CEO, longtime Republican, and a transgender woman, I strongly disagree with President Trump's statement regarding transgender people being barred from serving in the military in any capacity.
  9. Col. Jennifer Pritzker: Trump’s Transgender Ban a ‘Huge Step Backward’
    Chicago Sun-Times
    As commander in chief, the president has authority to influence policy over who serves in the Armed Forces of the United States.
  10. Trump Values Bottom Line More than Soldiers’ Well-Being
    Toronoto Star
    Today, Americans are living in a moment of cruel opportunism in which knowledge is incapable of dispelling fear in the Oval Office, because it can’t even make it through the door.